4 Winds STEAM Project

The 4 Winds STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Project is targeted towards students in grades 5 and 6.  The program introduces both FNMI (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) students and non-FMNI students to the STEAM areas while making strong connections to the Original People’s culture and teachings.

4Winds-STEAM-BTT-LogoThe Original People have many teachers from various Nations throughout Canada and the United States (Turtle Island). Language, cultural knowledge, history, as well as ceremonies are embedded in the oral tradition and shared from one generation to the next. Every 4 Winds STEAM lesson is developed in consultation with a FNMI community.

The 4 Winds STEAM Project consists of both an online and classroom component. Teachers and students can browse the STEAM lessons on this site and then schedule a classroom presentation on the topic of their choice.

The 4 Winds STEAM Project is one of the many programs offered through the University of Windsor’s Aboriginal Education Centre – Turtle Island House.